The Mmono! lighting collection consists of two series of organically designed lamps that are all produced by hand. The lighting of Mmono! is characterized by a unique shaped metal harness in which melted glass is blown in the traditional way. The play of metal lines gives a special lighting effect which creates a special mysticism and evokes the atmosphere of a rich distant past.

The Mmono collection consists of two series, BULB and ORNAMENT, both models are made entirely by hand in various sizes and are available as hanging or wall lamps. The classic and organically designed lamps are made of bronze and nickel-plated bronze, while the more modern versions are made of stainless steel.

The collection is sold throughout Europe, but is even used far beyond Europe in interior and exterior projects.


The stylishly shaped BULB is somewhat reminiscent of the classic ship’s lamp. In the organically shaped metal case, glass is blown through traditional glass blowing technology, which is literally blown out through the openings in the metal. An accurate process that creates a unique lamp time after time in which the signature of real craftsmanship can be read.

The bronze and nickel-plated bronze lamps are made by hand according to the traditional Sandcasting technique. This gives the ornamentation not only its natural character, but also the personal signature of the maker. The more modern version in stainless steel is cut out using laser techniques and then bent into the right shape. As a final step, the lamp gets its unique shape through the traditional glass blowing technique.

The standard collection of the BULB consists of the pendant lamp and the wall lamp and are both available in different sizes. The lamps are made of bronze, nickel-plated bronze, black patinated bronze or stainless steel.

The lighting fits in both a classic and a modern interior.

ORNAMENT unique because of the professional craftsmanship

ORNAMENT’s organically shaped luminaire is made up of many individual bronze parts. The bronze parts are manufactured by hand using traditional sandcasting techniques. This gives the ornamentation not only its natural character, but also the personal signature of the maker.

The individual parts are welded together, after which the complete fixture is finished.

No lamp is therefore the same but a unique work of art in itself. Handicraft also gives the opportunity to expand the standard collection to endless varieties. For example, the pendant lamp consists of more than eighty parts that can be applied in various ways. The standard collection consists of hanging lamp (indoor/outdoor), wall lamp (indoor/outdoor) and ceiling lamp and is available in various sizes. Specific wishes and assignments can always be discussed.

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