About me

Mmono! was founded in 2010 by industrial designer Marcel Koeleman. As a self-taught designer, Marcel learned at an early age how to transform wood and metal into the most artistic objects. After completing his metal and mechanical engineering education, Marcel soon made a name for himself with his individually designed interior objects. His signature lies mainly in the use of raw natural materials in combination with various metals.

Existing production processes are adapted to obtain new shapes and functionality, which is his favourite way of working. Marcel’s work can be described as spontaneous, playful and raw, but above all focused on functionality and detail.

Marcel works closely with technical specialists who, under his leadership, produce sub-products using traditional methods. His products get their final shape from his own workshop in the Netherlands.

In addition, Marcel travels all over the world to get inspiration for the label.

Mmono! Oer Hollands Design from the Netherlands!

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